First ThunderLAN for 2020 next Saturday!

Yes, its time again for the next ThunderLAN. This is the first one for 2020, and will be followed by another 4 in the year. Once again, every type of gaming device is invited, be it PC, XBox, PlayStation, Switch, arcade machine, Super Nintendo, VR headset (yes really). There will be games, there will be food, there will be prizes.


There will be a collection of around $350 worth of prizes given out at this ThunderLAN. The collection includes things like gaming keyboards, headsets, gaming mice, iFixit kits, controllers, and other assortment of cool gamer gear.


Date: 22nd Feb (Saturday)
Time: 3PM, and goes till 12AM.
Tables, chairs, networking & power infrastructure is available onsite.
We have food & drinks provided as usual.
$20 entry fee, with the first time being free, and spectating is also free.


The OLSH Sadadeen Marian Hall, 95 Sadadeen Rd.

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