ThunderLan is run roughly 5 times a year.

Current scheduled events

Upcoming Events
  1. ThunderLAN 16th Nov

    November 16 @ 3:00 PM - November 17 @ 12:00 AM


Each ThunderLAN is packed full of games and other activities, for example:


The tradition of shoving a bunch of PC’s on the same network and playing until your hearts content is alive and well at ThunderLAN

LAN Olympics

Ever wanted to somehow mix computer parts and sports together? Well now’s your chance

PC Building Lessons

Are you looking to spruce up your game machine or even build an entire rig from scratch? Then we can show you how!

Console LANS

Who said consoles didn’t belong at LAN?!?


OLSH Sadadeen Marian Hall,
95 Sadadeen Rd, Alice Springs,
NT, 0870, Australia

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Marian Hall: -23.703234, 133.894962
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Marian Hall
Marian Hall

95 Sadadeen Road Northern Territory, Australia

What is ThunderLan

ThunderLAN is a community LAN event. That means a whole bunch of people bring their computers and console together in one place, socializing, learning, and yes, playing games together. The event has been around in its numerous incarnations for over a decade, and has been at the Sadadeen Marian hall for over 6 years. The event is well established and is run by the Alice Springs LAN Group, a not-for-profit organization setup to organize and run ThunderLAN, with the help of volunteers and sponsors.

At ThunderLAN you can expect to find a PC gamers, console gamers, music, food, drinks, competitions, prizes, and other activities like the LAN Olympics and PC building lessons. Tables, chairs, internet access, high speed local network, and plenty of power is available;  all you need to bring is your device. There is a $15 entry fee for people bringing devices, but people who just want to check it out are welcome for free. Events are ran roughly 5 times a year, happen on Saturdays, and go from 3 pm to midnight.


September 2019 ThunderLAN is on this Saturday!
It's game time this Saturday! (28/9/2019) Bring your gaming device of choice, bring your friends, and bring yourself! We've got players from every side of...
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ThunderLAN this weekend!
Once again the gamers awake from their slumber to gather for a fantastic weekend of gaming. Yes its that time again, so grab your gaming...
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New ThunderLAN YouTube channel
As a place to upload videos, ThunderLAN now has a Youtube channel. The first set of videos are of raw gameplay footage from yesterdays event....
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ThunderLAN this Saturday!
ThunderLAN is on this Saturday so tell your friends and make sure you’re ready as its going to be a fun night. ThunderLAN 28th of April For this LAN we are going to have Call of Duty: World at War, BRINK, and Counterstrike: Global Offensive as the organized games. CS:GO …
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At ThunderLAN your able to play any game you want to, we don’t have strict rules on this. That said, we also run organised games on a schedule to allow for people who just want to play what’s on, and to allow us to give out prizes for some games.

Typical games you can see for organized games are:

Battlefield 2
Call of Duty 2

Renegade X
Call of Duty 4





Posts - Media

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Final ThunderLAN for 2018 this weekend!
Let's get together and have one last gaming party before we rap up 2018! As this is the last ThunderLAN for the year, we have...
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Photos from ThunderLAN 28th April 2018 & 24th February 2018
Yesterdays event has finished, and now its time for the pictures from yesterdays and the previous ThunderLAN’s.
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Photos for ThunderLAN 16th-9-17
ThunderLAN last weekend went really well, with new and old faces, and plenty of prizes given out. The ASLG will be having it’s standard follow up meeting on friday, to help plan for the next one, so expect some news in the coming weeks. I’ve just uploaded the photos from …
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ThunderLAN is organized and run by the Alice Springs LAN Group, a not-for-profit organization made up of volunteers. The members of ASLG are passionate gamers, new and old, with extensive technical skill and experience running organizations and events.

The current members are:

Ben Crawford
Bret Carberry
Craig Emmott
Rhys Boehm

July 28th Schedule

Hello fellow gamers. further to Bens list of possible games and proposed scheduled, here is the, hopefully final, schedule of the organised games. Please remember times may move around on the night slightly if things go wrong etc. Also remember that these are organised games and you may play other …


ThunderLAN is sponsored by a number of local businesses and we are very grateful for their support. Please check out the following companies:


Its finger licking good.

Our Lady of the Sacred
Heart Catholic College

Providing education from k-12


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