To help keep ThunderLAN fun, safe, and sustainable, there are rules that are to be followed during the event. Obvious rules such as be civilized are implied. The following are more specific rules, and the ThunderLAN admin team reserves the right to change these rules at any time. If these rules are broken, you may be asked to leave. Any damages to the premises or other peoples equipment will be paid for by you and/or the people involved. If there is need for some flexibility in the rules, (e.g. bringing in speaker systems) please speak with the admin team.

  • Neat and tidy dress attire
  • No Inappropriate clothing (offensive slogans etc, at the discretion of ThunderLAN committee)
  • No explicit content
  • No leaving the hall premises (school out of bounds)
  • No access to other basket-ball court area (blocked off areas)
  • No use of OLSH equipment outside approved areas e.g. sports equipment and gym equipment
  • Respect OLSH premises at all times
  • School out of bounds
  • Smoking in carpark only (3m from entrances and AC units)
  • No sharp or illegal objects
  • Sign in before bringing in equipment
  • Obey all speed limits that are posted on private property
  • No Plasma tvs
  • No multi monitors
  • No Animals/pets
  • No Alcohol/illicit substances
  • No Speakers systems (use headphones instead).