Photos for ThunderLAN 16th-9-17

ThunderLAN last weekend went really well, with new and old faces, and plenty of prizes given out. The ASLG will be having it’s standard follow up meeting on friday, to help plan for the next one, so expect some news in the coming weeks. I’ve just uploaded the photos from Saturday’s event into the gallery, and you can check out the photos below.

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Photos of previous LANs

We’ve been slowly building up a collection of pictures of the LAN. Heres a bunch that have been waiting to be uploaded for a while. We’ll be putting a focus on getting more pictures for each lan from now on. If anyone wants to help with this, let us know. …

Poster for January

For those wanting to support ThunderLAN, Print out a poster and put it somewhere visible, Hand it out to strangers on the street, Staple it to your cat….. Just get the word out   You can find the full size version of this poster in PDF by clicking the picture. …