2019’s November ThunderLAN is tomorrow!

The last ThunderLAN for 2019 is here and its a big one. Not only do we have the end of year prize to give out, but a bunch of other prizes as well (thanks to sponsorship from Red Cirrus). This is around $2000 worth of prizes! So grab your gaming gear of choice and head on down this Saturday at 3 PM. Remember to invite your friends so they get a chance to win some cool prizes as well.

End of year prize! A Acer Predator Z35P
Another $15000 worth of prizes to give out!


Marian Hall, OLSH Sadadeen Campus, 95 Sadadeen Rd. Drive in from either the YMCA drive way or the OLSH Sadadeen campus driveway, and drive down the side to reach the hall. Plenty of car park space.

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Here is the common reminder to make sure you’re ready for ThunderLAN. Make sure your computer is up to date, you have the latest drivers, and that your games are installed (and up to date). In particular, have the any games you think people will play ready if you can. Check out our FAQ page for more help: What do I need to bring?
Getting my computer ready

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