Thanks to everyone involved in the Lan

Well What a LAN for all of those that attended I think the night went off well. There was much jeering from the 20 people on table 2 🙂 So I know you guys were having a great time, For the new Bord that worked tirelessly to ensure the 5 new file servers worked well yes we had dedicated servers Thunder 1,2,3,4,5 All up between Craig,  Zac and Ryan 130 hours were spent building and loading up the servers your efforts were obvious on the night as the games servers just preformed with out one issue for the entire night. To our new sponsors Telstra who provided the internet and Biztactx and JPG that donated prizes and equipment thank you for your time and effort and donation to make the nights competitions run better. As many of you Know Aaron AKA Stone-fish has left the building ” well Alice Springs ” to work in Darwin over many years we worked together to keep the LANs  going in the Alice and I am sure as the NBN comes on line and with Aaron now getting involved with the DGA LANs in Darwin that  both the DGA and Thunder Lan will be competing over the NBN at some stage down the track 🙂    next LAn will Be planed in  months time so watch this Space :).


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  1. With all the improvements made for this last lan. You can just see how we can make the next lan that much better. Still have ideas from before the first lan to implement.

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