4th ThunderLAN for 2021 is tomorrow!

Yes its time again for the biggest video gaming event in Central Australia. Bring yourself, your PC, XBox, Playstation, Switch, or any other console of choice down to the Marian Hall on Saturday the 25th of Sept. Food will be available and prizes to be won.

Organized games

This time we have organized the following games

  • Call of duty 2
  • Battlefield 3 or Renegade X
  • Rocket League


There will be a bunch of prizes provided by our sponsors that will be given out at the LAN.

Lan Olympics
where else do you get a chance to destroy computer hardware?


Date: 25th September (Saturday)
Time: 12PM, and goes till 12AM.
Tables, chairs, networking & power infrastructure is available onsite.
We have food & drinks provided as usual.
$25 entry fee for players with a device, $10 for players without their own device, and first timers are free.

Time and Location

12 PM 25th of September 2021
OLSH Sadadeen Marian Hall, 95 Sadadeen Rd.

For more info check out our website at www.thunderlan.org

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