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What are these “Organised games”?

On the announcements for a LAN you’ll usually see a schedule, including the times some games are run. You might also notice that we say that attendees arn’t locked into certain games. So what are these?

Organised games, as the name suggests, are games that are actually organised. Attendees don’t have to play these if they don’t want to, but they do solve a couple issues.

  1. They allow us to host games that have prizes, and as such, need to be monitored for the winners, and hosted on official servers
  2. It gives direction to attendees on what to play. Some people just rock up to have fun, and arn’t particular on what game they actually play. They want to just play whatever everyone else is playing. Having the game organised allows people to see what everyone is playing.
  3. Attendees have a chance to install the games onto their computer before the LAN starts, making the actual event go much smoother.
  4. It allows for a schedule, which in and of itself, allows people to plan their activities during the LAN.

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