ThunderLAN 16th Sept LAN Info

ThunderLAN 16th September

The details for ThunderLAN 16th Sept have been worked out by the ALSG last week. So what are we looking at?
It’s still your awesome ThunderLAN that you know and love; with games, Lan Olympics, food, drinks, music, and prizes, but this time there’s 2 major changes to the LAN structure:

First: Entree fee for ThunderLAN is now $15 instead of $20 and should be that way for the foreseeable future. People who are just checking out ThunderLAN & first timers can still enter free.

Second: Starting time for ThunderLAN has been moved from 6pm to 3pm. A lot of people have expressed being more comfortable with this timing.

organized games

The organized games list has been decided, going with safe, well accepted games. We want to keep it simple, especially with the other changes we are making this time round. That being said, we do have 1 new game to spice things up a little bit. Remember, these games are not hard and fast. You’re still free to play whatever you want. It just makes it easier for scheduling, working out prizes, and for people who just want to play whatever is on, to have a list of games. It also allows you to have the games installed before the event, that you know will be played.

list this time:

  • COD2
  • BF2
  • Farcry
  • Dirty Bomb

Dirty Bomb is a new game to our lineup. It’s free on steam, so check it out when you can.

The schedule:

3PM          Open
3-4PM       Free
4-5PM       FarCry
5-6PM       Lan Olympics
6-7PM       COD2
7-8PM       Food/Intermission
8-9PM       Dirty Bomb
10-11PM   BF2
11-12AM  Free
12AM       Close

This schedule is a bit more structured then what we normally do, with the goal of helping people be aware of what is currently going on, and to help them plan their event time.


Remember as usual, to update your computer and make sure any games you want to play are installed and up to date, before the event. This coming weekend is a good chance for those with time constraints.
The following links can be useful:
Nvidia Drivers
AMD Drivers
Intel Drivers
Windows Update (Win 10 | Older)
One stop shop solutions (quicker and easier, but with slightly more risk)
DriverPack Solution


The location is still the Sadadeen Marian Hall. Drive in to the Sadadeen campus, and follow the road going down the side of the school until you reach the hall.

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Marian Hall: -23.703234, 133.894962
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Marian Hall
Marian Hall

95 Sadadeen Road Northern Territory, Australia


It wouldn’t be ThunderLAN without some prizes. There’s the lucky draw prize, with any signed in attendee can win. Other prizes will be available, with more details as the event draws closer.


And thats pretty much it. For any questions about the event, check out our new FAQ section.
So with 2 major format changes and a new game, this ThunderLAN cant be missed :).
I’ll see you there!

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