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Prizes, Schedule and Consoles!


As always, ThunderLAN has prizes for the peeps with the best scores. If you’re looking to get some of this, then join us in the competition games. The prizes this time are:

For each winner of the competition game you get a $50 cash prize and a record going onto our new winners list that will be show at the ThunderLAN events and on the website.

There will also be lucky door prizes. The rest of the prize pool is:

JPG gift vouchers
3x $20
2x $40

KFC Vouchers

3x WoW Mousepads

A copy of Fallout Las Vegas


Here’s the schedule for the night. Remember the games listed are only the competition games. Your free to play whatever you want throughout the night. We’re bringing down the number of competition games and adding time buffers to allow for us to announce winners after the match’s rather then at the end of the night. This also allows for you players to have time to install the next game, or to check out some of the other games people are playing.

3PM Start
5PM-5:30 Lan Olympics
6PM-8PM FarCry 1
8:30PM Food
9PM-11PM Battlfield 2
12AM-2AM Grid 1
6AM Close


We are making our first real attempt at running a console lan on the night aswell. This will be in the room next to the stage, closest to the car park. There will be Xboxes setup with games, but we ask if people could bring their own as well.

This ThunderLAN is coming out nicely. As always there has been some work on the “backend” side of things, as part of our continued commitment to making the event better every time.

Hope to see you there!

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