July 28th Schedule

Hello fellow gamers. further to Bens list of possible games and proposed scheduled, here is the, hopefully final, schedule of the organised games. Please remember times may move around on the night slightly if things go wrong etc. Also remember that these are organised games and you may play other games if you like.

Afternoon start 3.00
3.00 set up get on the network and free time
4.00 COD 5 WAW , available off the server
5.30 LAN Olympics bring a old hard drive or use one of ours new game RED BOX ” there will be a ” Red Box Target, first to hit it with a hard drive wins a Prize.
6.00 Unreal Tournament 2004
7.30 KFC for dinner , catch up , load up games off the server.
8.00 Quake live
9.30 Prize for best machine and worst at the LAN 😊👍
9.30 Renegade X
11.00 Brink 🙂
Close 12.00, 12.30

Please remember to try and update all you games etc before you come to allow time for more gaming on the night.

Hope to see you all there!

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