ThunderLAN is Back ONLINE!

Haven’t we all missed our digital connection, We’ve needed a website for Ages. So Here we go

Read On for the 4 Announcements


Announcement 1!

New Venue!  Big thanks to OLSH for setting up such a great venue, They’ve got the power under floor, Which will save us hours and hours per setup, Not to mention an actual canteen, We’ll be making great use of that. Lets not forget the massive 8m Screen we’ll have access to.

Announcement 2!

New Website! We have an official mailing list and website, This will let us coordinate better than ever before. Please get out there and update your details if you haven’t already, We need people signed up so that our major relaunch can be a huge success

Announcement 3!

New Servers! We have new servers donated by Ngaanyatjarra Services, Big thanks to Adrian Patten for organising them

Announcement 4!

More Sponsors! We have contacted many new sponsors. Hopefully we’ll see a sizable increase in Prizes for competions


WOW! I’m tired just writing this post it’s such massive news for all LANners in Alice Springs


  1. EPIC stuff fellas, been very keen for another lash of ThunderLAN and all these epic upgrades are the icing on the cake!
    I’ll be sure to get the word out that you guys are back and better then ever!

  2. Team fortress has taken the lead for comp games for those unaware it is now totally free to down load happy gaming over the xmas break 🙂

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