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Fixed Thunder Lan Web Site & New NETGEAR Click Switches

Happy to say the Thunder Lan web Site is fixed, After 3 years since it was hacked.

We will be placing updated information leading into the next few Lan’s

The next LAN will be on the 3rd of December 2016 at the Olsh Hall

This Being the last Lan of the year we will be loooking at making is a Reto Lan

Games such as BF2, COD2 , COD4, FarCry , TF2, Need for Speed

Catering will be Again done by KFC, and we will be looking at Prizes from Red Center technology

Also we have just invested in 16 x new 8 port bussiness edition Managed Netgear Switches Model: GSS108E these also have Usb ports to connect up devices such as your phones wirles devices that might need charging etc Check them out below.

Your ports and cables where you want them

Today’s networks have increasing numbers of devices attached to them, both wired and wireless. As wired devices proliferate, it can be difficult to easily and neatly place networked ports where you want them.

NETGEAR ProSAFE® Web Managed Click Switches address this issue with an innovative and thoughtful hardware design, including the “Virtually Anywhere” flexible 1-2-3-4 Click mounting system. The new ProSAFE Web Managed Click Switches are Gigabit Ethernet switches with an industry-first, bracket mounting system for easy installation. Available in either 8- or 16-Gigabit port configurations, their slim design and internal power supplies enables you to organize wires, secure cables, eliminate bulky power adapters, and improve the overall appearance of wiring closets, training facilities, lab benches, conference rooms, and entertainment centers that require multiple connected devices

Tech Data Information
Features and Benefits
Hardware Features
All Gigabit models
Making Click Switch an ideal upgrade for SMB networks combining management capability with
higher speed and better performance
Click Mounting System
Flexibile deployment for either desktop placement, undertable mount as well as wall mount
Software Features
Segment network into smaller groups for more secure and efficient use of network resources
For optimized network performance and better delivery of mission-critical traffic such as
voice and video
IGMP Snooping
For improved network efficiency on delivering multicast traffic
Port Trunking
Build up a bigger bandwidth to support aggregated uplink traffic (GSS116E only)
Port Mirroring
For better and quicker network diagnotics and troubleshooting
Cable Test
Easily identify bad Ethernet cables
ProSAFE® Click Switches
Target Application
SMB Network Application
Why the NETGEAR Click Switch is the ideal upgrade from Unmanaged Switches for SMB networks:
•Configurable with simple set-up
•Build multiple user groups
•Prioritize voice and video traffic
•Monitor and troubleshoot Faulty Lan Cables

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