7th ThunderLAN – 5th October!

Its time for the next ThunderLAN!

Details are:

  • Bring your own computer.
  • You can play anything you want.
  • There is a console room. Currently has Xboxes but you are free to bring your own gear (you might need to bring a screen if bringing extra consoles).
  • There will be some scheduled games you can choose to participate in. These games also have prizes.
  • Starting time is 4pm. Finishes at daybreak next day.
  • Location is the Marian hall (big hall behind campus) at Sadadeen OLSH campus, 95 Sadadeen Road.
  • Food and drinks will be available on site.
  • Entry fee is $15. This gives you 2 cans of soft drink and food.

More details as we lead up to the event.

Hope to see you there!


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